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1999 Zuma II
Reviewer: Sara Statz
From: Maple Grove (suburb of Minneapolis), Minnesota, United States
Email: littlepimp2813@hotmail.com
Date: 05/02/2003
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Specs: Yamaha MotorSports Of Olympia Specs
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Totally Awe inspiring scooter!!!

This is going to be a long review, just be warned. I hope it is helpful! I have just recently purchased my 2003 Yamaha Zuma (from Excel Motor Sports, they were so helpful!) and I love it! Where ever I go I always get compliments on it. The bike is so fun that most of the time I will usually take the longest possible way to get to where I want to go just because it is such a joy to ride. I have only had this bike for about two months and it already has 500 miles on it. The only thing that really erks me about the bike is that when Yamaha advertises it in its brochures, it says dual headlights. Well, in reality only one stays on at a time. One headlamp for high beam, and one for daytime running lights. If you are a college student, or just want something fun to drive around town, I strongly recomend this bike. The Zuma performs great even with a passenger. Although, I must admitt I have taken it out with the weight exceeding the limit and it has done great (even hitting over 40MPH). I do not condone this although. I am thinking about maybe buying another Yamaha in the coming years. I want my little "Zum-Zum" to go faster. Although, every one of my friends wants to buy one now. If you think riding a Scoot is dorky think again (except if you are wearing one of those alien helmets like me)!

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